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Fast Sockets | Kernel bypass | User Level TCP
Lowest Latency and highest Bandwidth for Legacy Socket Applications

Sub Mircoseconds latencyies. Targeting Finance and Security: With Fast Sockets a distributed application using sockets will gain an order of magnitude on performance. It will map existing socket call transparently onto high speed network like 10GbE or Infiniband by using the same binaries.

Traffic Analyzer

With TRACY application can be analyzed in respect to their communication needs. Histogram will depict frequency and length of messages. It also shows the communication pattern. TRACY can also be used for limiting network access.

Scalable System Performance Monitor
Monitor local and remote system resources

This is a standalone program which puts an icon in the system tray to easily monitor CPU load. This also comes in handy if an application is spinning or getting out of control.

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Remote Execution Facility

Organizations using WinRSHD to manage distributed applications have gained an order of magnitude on performance. Central file systems but als farming concepts have improved TOC.

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Cluster Management Tool

With JobCoNTrol a sysadmin can watch a set of hosts. Tasks can be easily configured with own features. Users can submit jobs on remote machines.

Parallel Branch and Bound Library

A variety of branch and bound application including Cutting Stock, Set Partioning can be used on SMP as well as clustered systems.

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